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About Us


Nutrioland aims to elevate the edible quality and dietary standards in the society by making fresh, natural and pure quality products (Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy and Meat) accessible to all.


Nutrioland aims at providing best quality, along with whole variety of fresh, pure, healthy and hygienic edibles to its customers. Nutrioland intends to be the choice of customers to buy from and an ideal place to work for where fun, creativity and excellence is cultivated and encouraged.


It started with a desire to eliminate a hassle and realization of a practical and sustainable solution. Tired of roaming in markets (Bazaars) and sectors in search of a reliable shop for freshness and consistency in products, two friends graduated from LUMS decided to take matters in their own hands.

Deploying their vast knowledge of local markets, with desire to transform the edibles quality and social dietary habits, Arkam Iftikhar and Zargham Tahir launched a humble fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products providing set-up for friends and acquaintances, fetching pure, fresh and hygienic food. That brainchild named Nutrioland (Live a Nutrio Life) has now grown to an agile and lean service channel to cater all of the quality natural food and healthy dietary needs in one. Nutrioland bypasses the middle man and thus reduces the long self-days to provide its customers the product in fresh and natural form.

At Nutrioland, we excel in only providing freshest and healthiest products. All sourcing of the product, its purchasing, packaging and delivery are all done in house. We supervise your order from start to finish, making quality checks and thorough inspections before we deliver with caution and experience to our customers.


We only deliver fresh and first-class quality,  because we understands it contains the best nutrients! We prefer regional producers and seasonal yields – because natural ripeness tastes better. Our products are obtained fresh, processed with care and delivered fresh.That is why our products are guaranteed to be fresher and better quality than whats usually is available in the supermarket. Currently we are providing. 

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresher Vegetables 
  • Pure Dairy Products 
  • Hygienic & Halal Meat 
  • Packages (Customization is also available)  

Our products are subject to constant quality control. Nevertheless: our offerings are sensitive goods and easily vulnerable to external influences such as pressure, heat or cold. If anything does not meet expectations, just tells us: We will replace it for free!



We Enjoy

We believe ultra-productivity and pushing our boundaries, which cant really be achieve until you enjoy what you do.

We innovate

Creativity cultivation is out core ideology, we believe that innovative and resilience is necessary to lead market.

Banana (Dozen)
We maintain high standard

We have committed to the highest standard of quality when it comes to customer experience and product delivery.

We go extra mile

Our real earning is in the smiles that our customers wear. Our customers are our major stakeholders so keeping them healthy and satisfied is what we exist for.