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Vitamin – Rich Workplaces

We at Nutrioland believe productivity is directly related to sense of belonging and health in the workforce. So for the corporations we are offering weekly subscriptions (also customised) for fruits to promote healthy munching culture in workplaces. We believe in the positive energy of vitamin-rich workplace.

Magnificent colours, varied shapes, textures and flavours and a wide range of nutritional virtues: fruit certainly has all the advantages!

In addition to obvious benefits to health the Nutrioland also offers conviviality, energy and good humour!

  • A healthy, positive brand image.
  • The best quality for your employees.
  • Enthusiastic reactions from your employees.
  • The area where the box is on show becomes a convivial meeting-point.
  • Free weekly delivery.
  • No need for a restrictive contractual commitment.
  • A varied selection
  • An all-inclusive service

Make your employees happy with healthy empowerment with us!

We will deliver daily, weekly and monthly packages to your workplace. To order and know more, please get it touch with us. Contact Us