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Employees spend more time in their offices than anywhere else, mostly even more time helping a company thrive than they spend with their family. Well lets agree they does a lot for your organization that should certainly create an urgency that they deserve more care and compassion from you than saving a few pennies.

Globally speaking there has been a continuous inclination to provide better well-being and health but in Pakistan we are yet to catch up. So what can possibly be done in this domain & where to start. An ideal start would be to act as the enabler and support of healthy edible choices to its employees. Because a health body is a productive body.

So how to activate wellness mode?

The easiest change that any office can bring to make the food available for employees healthier is to introduce fresh fruit into the office food supply. Fresh fruit is healthy, light, fresh and tasty, making it a great option for either snacking during work hours or as part of a light meal at work.

There are many benefits of eating fruit at work. Fruit is light; it does not weigh the stomach down like most processed high calorie foods do which means that you will not feel sluggish, tired or sleepy after eating fruit.

Good food boosts office morale

Think link between our stomach and our brains is an important one. Our gut holds 90% of our serotonin receptors, which is one of the chemicals responsible for regulating moods. This means what we eat has a huge effect on not only our overall wellbeing, but also our moods.

Experts say having a balanced and healthy diet can increase feelings of wellness and improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. They suggest keeping healthy foods readily available and on hand is the best way to encourage healthy food choices every day. This means supplying fresh, juicy fruit for your staff helps their physical and mental health. 

It’s not just class rooms where we sleep

This is a common problem at most workplaces; many workers feel sleepy and even depressed after their lunch hour because of the heavy foods they eat. And since most of the time at work is usually spent sitting, the food rarely gets a chance to be digested properly.

Fruit also contains many nutrients in the form of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that make the brain alert, sharp and focused and help you concentrate much better on your work and be far more productive.

Convinced but how to do it?

In order to reap the benefits of having fruit at work, all you need to pick you phone up and schedule a meet up with Team Nutrioland. Nutrioland an online venture aiming at making workspace more compassionate, healthy and productive.

Nutrioland is launching a “healthy food movement” for domestic companies to everyone is invited to be a part of it. You can now customize you subscription box, fill it up with seasonal fresh fruits, get it delivered free at your office and show your care extends beyond motivation speeches and annual raises.

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